Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Backlash in Bihar - train torched

I guess that Mr. Raj Thackeray would be breathing a sigh of relief and accomplishment as with all his activities it appears this is what he intended. People like Raj Thackeray are more dangerous than your Laskar-e-Toiba, Hizbul Mujahideen and what not, because, atleast those outfits are banned. But, people like Thackeray live among us, spread sedition and hatred everyday. So, what is the solution? the government cannot take a step as radical as banning MNS for ever, naming it as a terrorist organization, putting Mr Tackeray in jail (not to let him go out on bail the next day). Why? Why can't this be done? because, if they do this, what happens to uncle Bal? why is he free? why has he been free for so long? what happens to Narendra Modi? what happens to RSS? why are those f**kers free even after assassinating Mahatma Gandhi? what happens to Bajrang dal? what happens to many of the dravidian parties who use the linguistic card?

So, what are we left with? what is the solution? May be its what Lala Har Dyal (founder of Gadar party) pointed out many many years before: -
"our object is not to reform government, but to reform it away, leaving, if necessary only nominal traces of its existence."
You may term that an anarchist's point of view? but, what good, both you and me are for? other than talking!


dudafunk said...

I vote for pussy over politics ;-)

- dudafunk

Mayank Pathak said...

really nice view...
and thanks for keeping ur blog up with the recent relevances !!