Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is the meaning?

of life? of all this chasing and running? when all that you are running for can be over in a split second. What is the use then? Isn't it better that we live each moment of whatever we have got? What we have to lose? May be it won't get over for us so quickly as for some of our unfortunate friends and then we might end up cursing ourselves -- why didn't we run more? why did we give up the chase? But, is the chase/run ever over? has anybody seen the full stop? you always run out of road. There is never an end. So, I have started to believe that live life as it is going to be your last day, don't take anything that you have, any people who care about you for granted, because you really don't know if it might be the last time you are seeing them and you might never get a chance a make up.

May their soul rest in peace

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AJ said...

yeh, you are right!
Thats why I do that, I live like there is no tomorrow...
Friends, Booze, fags, music n everything...just sucking out the marrow outta it... ;)