Friday, May 22, 2009

Negi.............Shailendra Negi

This is like the most imaginative, creative, impulsive pic I have ever encountered. I am pretty sure, quite a few members of the fairer sex will be feeling nervous seeing this pic. But, for Negi this sort of reaction is very normal, and what can he do? Cutting out the crap, presenting to you (if you play 007 music in the background it will totally go by this pic)


Shailendra Negi. (can anything other than a full stop come after Negi?)

If you don't know, he likes it (Martini you perverts) shaken, not stirred.

This is the legend who warded off a very serious heart-attack threat by drinking water and walking in feverish pace around the hostel corridors.

He could have been touring the world with the Indian Cricket team, he could have been playing for Manchester United, or even he could have been the Tarzan scaling the trees in Uttarakhand, but, he was grateful enough to grace lesser mortals like us with his presence amongst us.

Cheers to The man, the legend!

1 comment:

Dexter said...

ya..vry true...u can't evn call the guy a gem. He's a diamnd... Bt one tht is yet to show his BRIGHT shine to the wrld!!! Evrone is waitin Negi, do ur thing... Now's the time..